Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's ALL About Attitude!
Like anything you do in life: it's all about the 'tude, man! As in A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!

Be gutsy. Be daring. Be "all that you can be". Show you care, show you're trying, show you WANT it. A derby girl chose the sport for one very specific reason: she wanted to shine and have her peeps shine as well. The audience will gobble you up if you've got that killer attitude.

And your team will have faith in you knowing you're giving it your best, knowing you won't let them down. It's a TEAM sport. There's nothing worse than feeling like your team mate didn't put forth her best effort. To fail after trying so hard you puked up a lung is one thing, but to fail because you just gave up is a whole other ball game. Seeing a team mate do this will make you want to rip her eyes out.

I know I don't want my team ripping my eyes out so I give and I give and I yell, and I scream, and I do all I can to remember names so I can cheer them on when they're on the spot. And then I yell some more.

If I fail because I basically slammed down on my butt because I was a spaz, well - that sucks. But, it's not about the fall - it's about what comes after the fall. I scoot my ass back up and jump back in the game. And then I go home and cry on my husband's shoulders because I'm all bruised up! And then I get ready for the next practice and psych myself to do even better.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm 45 and I Just Recently Started Roller Derby!
This blog is brand spankin' new! Cant'cha tell? I know, duh - I'm stating the obvious... what I'm hoping to do is relate all my boot camp stories here. ALL of them. Even when I'm failing miserably struggling to keep up with the younger chicks.

So far so good though. I've managed to get through my first month without breaking a bone. Knock on wood (or my head, its close enough). Hee hee, I referred to my head as wood. Get it? Do ya? If you don't then, obviously my type of humor just might not be your cup of tea...