Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tips From a Dive Master - How to Rid Your Junk From it's Funk!

A "while" after joining the SD Derby Dolls, a more experienced skater overheard something I must have said, I don't remember what I said but she looked at me all serious and told me: "You know, you CAN wash your gear!"

*Head bends down in shame*

That was embarrassing. Further more, I won't go into details about how much longer it took me to actually wash said gear. What can I say? It just didn't smell! After each practice I'd lay all my gear out opened up to dry until the next practice. It was handy that it rested by a de-humidifier...

But then, it happened. The smell. And when you live on a boat in confined areas and a high risk of accumulated humidity, smells can be overwhelming. Love it when it's bacon hanging around all day, but hate it when it's that mildew'ish smell...

I was talking to my dive master about how sometimes if I don't let my dive gear dry completely before loading it inside, it just smells so petrified! Like my roller derby gear - how is it that us humans can have such a smell???

She recommended this miracle of a product called Mirazyme. Don't know if it's pronounced "zeem" or "zyme" but what I do know is it starts with "MIRA" as in "MIRAcle". She told me 1 capful to 10 gallons of water and a 15-minute dip was enough to ... rid your junk of it's funk!

Where to buy this miracle cure? Sport Chalet for $8.99. And no, don't dip your stinky wet poodle* in there, I don't think Fido would appreciate the overdose of enzymes!

*stinky wet poodle is not code word for some weird sex thang, it's just that - man do wet dogs smell BAD!

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