Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Stoked!

I wrote an article for Yo, Roller Derby and this article was snagged and featured up front on The Roller-derby Daily!

I know what you're thinking: "Man, this chick sure gets excited over nothing!" But to me... To me? This is like as cool as being published. Writing is not my top craft. My style is spunky, ya sure but it certainly lacks finesse and tact. I'm aware of it, because it sure has hurt me in my more professional endeavors. Hee hee, some of the emails I sent out required some serious live talk time to cover up!

Oh well, its not my fault some people have no sense of humor!

Anyhow. I'm also totally stocked because this is good exposure for my league! Of course there's a link. And since it's MY league I want it to shine like the disco-ball'ish roller skate hanging above our track!

Have I mentioned I'm thrilled about this? And I owe it all to the Yo, Roller Derby queen herself - Robin!

Thanks Yo, you rule! Word.

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