Friday, April 1, 2011

she is covered in tats and is a kick-ass coach

Let me tell you...

We have an amazing coach. I don't know what her day-job is, but I wish she could quit it and dedicate herself entirely to coaching. This is her calling. She's covered in tats, skates like she was born with wheels on her feet (oh her poor mom, that must have been sooooo painful - feet first wheels and trucks pushing out?) Is that visual stuck in your head now?

Yeah. Me too.

Her skater name is Kiki. She's a jammer. I watched her bring our league in the last bout from a 89-101 in points to a 100-101 in less than 3 minutes. She was amazing to watch. We still lost, but the audience will always remember her as the one who almost saved us...

Last night's practice had us split up into 3 groups. Kiki took our little group of middles, or intermediates rather. She worked us on the banked track until we all mastered every stop style: t-stop, snowplow and toe stop. There must have been some weird thing going on with the moon, we were all so tired on the verge of coming apart at the seams. But we hung in there. That's what derby girls do!

And I dare say there is definitely some bonding taking shape among us all. I guess it comes from yelling "Get back up and HUSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLE!" with a red-blue face when we fall. (The screamer would be me)

p.s. I need bum padding.


  1. that almost save was really cool to watch...strap a pillow on for the bum padding, no one will notice...smiles.

  2. Apparently there is actual padded underwear you can wear for derby; I was told this after I fractured my tail bone. Twice.

  3. @ Brian: it was very cool to witness! very cool indeed!
    @ Abso: yeah, you broke yours twice right? I bought that blue mattress thing to make my own padded shorts (they're TOO pricey) and try it out... so far I've always managed to fall on the side and not str8 down!