Thursday, May 5, 2011

Q: Is roller derby all staged like wrestling?
A: NO! Roller derby is a real actual sport, just like basketball, hockey and football. Its fast-paced, it has contact, it requires skills and endurance. It's way too fast to fake (that's what she said), there is no way they could do that and stage the entire thing!

(It's incredible when you think about how often this question is asked. AND even more incredible then that is the look of disbelief in the person's eyes when you answer...)

Q: Why do they dress that way? Do they HAVE to look like strippers on wheels?
A: Well, that's all part of the fun... have you been out on Halloween in the recent years? PLUS, it's a derby tradition to wear funky socks and outfits. It's part of the culture. AND, the short skirts or shorts make it more comfortable to move and stretch in all directions. Its a highly active sport, we need to move and we can't do that in restrictive clothing. What we wear is like a second skin and does not limit motion. Plus every girl wants to be sexy...

(This is an aspect that makes it sometimes hard to sell roller derby as a real sport. Men want to watch bouts because it's exciting - in more ways than one. But the clothing is (in all honesty) a big part of derby. We love hitting local bars on Taco Tuesdays after practice and strut in there in our derby finest! It's a hoot!)


What questions have YOU been asked as a derby girl? AND how have YOU dealt with these particular questions? I'd love to know so I can improve my answers. As derby queens, we all bare the weight of being proper ambassadors to the sport.

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