Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Injuries = Trophies

My gang got to play for realz last night for the first time. We scrimmaged.

How cool is that?

As we split up into two teams, the coach tossed us the caps and I was handed the Pivot beanie. I accepted the challenge with an eager smile. "I get to yell and encourage my teammates? Sweet!" But I knew I was in trouble when the most experienced player, also wearing a Pivot cap told me "Watch out, you'll be the first person I'll want to take out!" Gulps. 

She wasn't shtting me. She took me out. Coming around at half a lap, the last thing I saw was a helmet coming for my face and BAM! Shocked, I noticed blood on my hands. Blood! As I kept skating to catch up with the pack I'm scooping up as much blood with my hands as I could. 

This is how I saw myself
Needless to say I was so friggin proud. And I immediately pictured this image in my mind. I was thrilled because to me, in my weird whacked out head this made me officially a derby chick. I get hit, hard enough to cut skin and I'm still in there skating and pushing myself.

Of course I was no where near this image. But I sensed her energy and her guts. I was her. I was the chick who's not afraid of pain. I was the chick who looks straight out and asks "Is that all you've got?" 

I was also the 5yr old playing with boys. "My Barbie can SO keep up with your GI Joe!" You know what I mean? Maybe I was too giddy to be the actual tough chick (heck, I was wearing a pink skirt à-la cheerleader style) so, maybe not that tough after all.

But we all survived our first scrimmage. We've discovered who's got top potential as future Jammers and Slammers. I don't know where I'll fit in yet, but who cares? I'm having the time of my life and will continue to show off my injuries.

They are my trophies. Trophies that say: 
  1. I ain't afraid of no wolf!
  2. I've got guts.
  3. No pain - no gain.
  4. Watch me go.
  5. Go ahead hit me. I'll keep skating!

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