Friday, May 27, 2011

A Separation? What?
After reading other derby blogs that talk about league separations, I felt secure and happy with my league. Never for a second have I doubted that maybe my new derby parents were talking about a looming divorce.

Recently I've answered 2 surveys from the league. One focused on league communication, and the other focused on the league's future and where we feel it should go. Among these directions, we answered questions about our preferences between banked or flat tracks.

The word "flat" in French translates to "plate" (pronounced just like flat, but with a p instead of a f). And, this word, "plate" is French-Canadian slang for boring.

Banked track derby is a thrill. It's faster. It's got angles and challenges a flat track just can't offer. BUT, am I too much of a rookie to express an opinion? What the hell do I know about derby? I mean really, up until February 18 when I joined the San Diego Derby Dolls what did I know about derby? Other than seeing parts of Whip It, and little segments inserted in movies from the 70s I knew jack-squat about the sport.

And now they've just announced two of our top notch athletes are starting a flat track league. *Sigh* Evidently when you want to go pro, as a league, you cannot do it with both professional associations, or something like that. Like I said, I'm a rookie. But, this also means that our "girls" who prefer flat tracks will follow.


And when they do that, we'll lose them to the new league... A new adventure begins with the San Diego roller derby community.

When my parents got divorced, I chose my dad and followed him. I'm choosing the excitement of the banked track, but beyond the track: I'm choosing the San Diego Derby Dolls. This is an organization I trust and know beyond words I would (blindly) follow anywhere...

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